Artiste Management & Finance Monitoring App
July 20, 2018

P.O.S & Accounting Web-App


Sweet Pepper Resturant


P.O.S & Accounting App -Web

The Brief

Sweet pepper is an ambient restaurant based in Accra's airport residential area and well known for its highly palatable dishes. The restaurant offers a range of delicacies from local to foreign dishes. Despite the reliable services rendered to its customers, particularly, orders and deliveries, they have been experiencing some challenges such as, keeping track of the orders placed, lack of a functional system that records the orders and manages the account to help monitor the profits and losses incurred. Then, they spoke to Us!

Task Brief

  • Manual method of receiving and recording orders
  • Operational Challenges
  • Legacy POS infrastructure
  • Inappropriate accounting management system
  • Fully digitized order receiving and recording system
  • Completely automated operational system that syncs business flow
  • Completely digitized system that contains and syncs all data in real time
  • Expense recording engine.
  • Profit and business growth reporting system.
  • Increase in time efficiency per day
  • Support millions of transactions
  • Address operational challenges
  • Eliminate friction points in accounting flow
  • Save on total costs of ownership
  • Easily maintainable code base
  • Proper reporting.


We took into consideration the caliber of individuals who will use the app. This gave us a better and deeper insight on how simple the app usage should feel.


Based on the information we got for the user experience, we built a simple but bespoke user interface to complement each and every feature on the app


We were security extra conscious at every stage of building the app. We tested authentication flow and all accounting logic in other to identify and seal up all loop holes in the system.


With regards to the clients' requirement and application nature, we built a local server where the app is hosted, easily monitored and maintained.