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July 21, 2018
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July 20, 2018

Artiste Management & Finance Monitoring App


Play Africa


Artiste Management & Finance Monitoring App- Web

The Brief

Play Africa is an online application that promotes, streams and sells African music from a wide range of artists across Africa. The musical platform operates by allowing users to download the app and access songs from their favourite artiste through various subscriptions. The artists are paid on commission based on the number of times their songs are streamed or downloaded. However, Play Africa lacked an adaptable system that gives artists an explicit visibility on their commissions made, creating and managing the artist’s profile to ensure transparency when it comes to payments. Then, we they spoke to US!

Task Brief

  • Manual method of disbursement
  • Operational Challenges
  • Inappropriate artiste management system
  • Inappropriate accounting management system
  • Fully digitized disbursement system
  • Completely automated operational system that syncs business flow
  • Completely digitized system that contains and syncs all data in real time
  • Automated mail notifications for various actions on the platforms.
  • Increase in time efficiency per day
  • Support millions of artiste accounts
  • Address operational challenges
  • Eliminate friction points in accounting flow between PlayAfrica management and artiste around the world
  • Customer geographical and customer-site behaviour visibility
  • Easy payment flow to artiste


We took into consideration the caliber of individuals who will use the app. This gave us a better and deeper insight on how simple the app usage should feel.


Based on the information we got for the user experience, we built a simple but bespoke user interface to complement each and every feature on the app


We were security extra conscious at every stage of building the app. We tested authentication flow and all accounting logic in other to identify and seal up all loop holes in the system.


With regards to the clients' requirement and application nature, we built a local server where the app is hosted, easily monitored and maintained.